Artist Bio

Lori L Wylie

Born in southern California, Lori Wylie’s first artistic talent emerged through music. She was blessed with musical parents who encouraged her to move forward in the arts by pursuing her love for the violin and piano. The family moved to the Sacramento area when she was 12, at which time she designed, created and sold unique jewelry pieces. Lori studied at California State University at Sacramento where she taught flute while working on her Bachelor’s in Music, studied art history, and played flute and piccolo in the Camellia Symphony Orchestra.


The years I spent training in classical music and improvisa-tional jazz prepared me for my journey in fine art. I’ve had no formal schooling in painting or metal work and am self taught in my current medium which can be challenging when things don’t go as planned, yet very fulfilling when things come together. I have always been intrigued by transparent and illusionary images such as waves, clouds, sun rays and other subjects in nature. The ever changing beauty and complexity of creation is the foundation of inspiration behind my work.”