Contemporary Art Defined

San Diego is a beautiful hub for the art world. We are lucky to have a versatile range of work available for inspiration. From the fine art galleries of La Jolla to the cutting edge Gaslamp exhibits to the eclectic works of our dearly loved Obecians; there is a movement for everyone spread thickly across the culture of San Diego.

the third Thursday of every month the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego holds their Downtown at Sundown. It is a free event where the performing and visual arts converge in one fantastic after-hours event. Music, guided tours, large scale installations are decorated with food and book trucks to boot.

This month there were two very influential contemporary artists showcased; Ernesto Neto and Robert Irwin. Albeit their installations could not have been more different from one another, they both expertly showcased the contemporary artist movement.

Ernest Neto “mother baby emotional densities, for alive temple time baby son” chose to engage his audience in more than a visual way. Neto hung polyp-shaped sculptures from the ceiling throughout the exhibit. Each sculpture was made from a skin-like Lycra fabric that gradually grew closer and closer to the ground due to the weight of the fragrant spices from within. Filled with herbs such as clove, ginger and tumeric his Brazilian background shown brightly through the message of the nurturing, changing female form in exchange for new life.

Robert Irwin’s “Light and Space” uses florescent light tubes alone to trigger perceptual experiences from each of his on-lookers. A mass-less exhibit the artist plays with the ominous glow of the lighting as well as the negative space the light down not reach in a delicate 115 bulb tetris like organization.

The visceral nature of the contemporary art movement has room for so many avenues of artwork; it makes for very thought provoking and colorful exhibits. Defined as any artwork created from the 1960’s to current events, the contemporary artist is a socially conscious soul that reflects and records our cultures social issues that have erupted over the last 30 years. From feminism, globalization, bio-engineering, technological advancements to AIDs you will be privy to the artists opinion of their chosen issue through their installations and artworks. Not only are these artists reflecting on the issues and offering their opinions and solutions but are recording this generations downfalls and historical grievances for years to come.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is open 11 am – 5pm everyday, with a larger event every third Thursday of the month from 11am – 8pm. Check out MCASD’s events here!